Being active in the petrochemical industry entails certain responsibilities, and the pursuit of environmental sustainability is one of the most important ones. We want to leave behind a healthy planet for future generations; we want to play a significant role in tomorrow’s society. That is why we strive towards more environmentally conscious practices in various ways.

Focus on recycling, innovation, and sustainability
TCR is active in the field of plastic recycling through Ovimo Plastics; a trading company specialized in regranulates. We are also a major shareholder in Blue Plastics. This start-up developed an innovative technology to clean polypropylene and polyethylene and thus facilitate reuse, without compromising on quality. We supported the upscaling of this technology from laboratory to industrial scale. And now we are jointly planning on building a plastic recycling plant. Our ambition? To make 30% of turnover with recycled plastic by 2027, and hopefully 50% in the longer term.

We are open to all kinds of innovations. For example, we recently installed a system in the TCR Distribution Center, which separates spilled granules from wastewater before it ends up in the public sewer system.

We conduct environmentally conscious business operations from our CO2-neutral headquarters in Breda every day. Our Sales team drives electric cars exclusively, so our premises are fully equipped with chargers. Additionally, we house five beehives in our gardens, in which we keep about 250,000 bees under the watchful eye of a certified beekeeper. Good for nature, biodiversity, and the bee population.