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Our privacy policy
Personal details are processed by us in accordance with the Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens (Privacy Protection Act). A personal detail I defined as a piece of data that can be linked to an “identified or identifiable natural person”. This means that the name of a person to which the details relate is known or that this person can be traced. An instance of a personal detail is a name of a person or a house address, but also email addresses can be personal details.

When you respond to the website, your email address, your name and possibly your address and telephone number will be processed. These personal details are utilized to reply to your response. Also, for purposes of distinguishing individual visitors, the homepage uses a ‘cookie’, a mini-file containing a random letter and digit combination to be stored in your own computer. This ‘cookie’ will not contain personal details. If you do not wish to receive cookies, please check the help function in your internet browser on how to block the cookies or how to be alerted before a cookie is stored.

What applies to all processing of personal details is that only those details are used that you yourself have actively presented. The details are not placed at the disposal of third parties nor used for purposes other than the ones for which you presented them.

Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens (Privacy Protection Act) (Wbp)
Processing of personal details is subject to the Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens (Wbp). This Act serves to protect the privacy of citizens. The Wbp applies, among other things, to data being processed via websites of organizations. This means that this Act also protects personal details collected, stored, used or in any form made available, mutually linked and shielded via the internet. Under the Wbp, before personal details are processed the person in question must be informed of this fact, as well as of the purpose for which such details are collected (article 33). So, personal details will only be processed and stored subject to this being explicitly communicated and the reason given.

Your rights
It is your right to inform us that you do not permit your personal details to be processed in the context of marketing activities. We will then cease to approach you for this purpose. You can communicate this to us, free of charge, by sending a request to TCR Plastics. If you wish you can query your personal details in our files. We are obligated to provide you with a statement of your personal details within four weeks. Please submit your query as a written request addressed to TCR Plastics, enclosing a copy of your Proof of Identity.

New developments
Due to new developments in e.g. our business activities, we may need to modify the text of this privacy statement. You are recommended to review this text on a regular basis when visiting our site.