A trading and distribution company
TCR Plastics has been an industry player in the world of plastic raw materials since 1981, specializing as a supplier and distributor of polyolefins. Our family business is characterized by a flat organizational structure, decisiveness, and a competent team from diverse backgrounds. We pride ourselves in providing professional and personalized services throughout European markets. Furthermore, we support our customers in both technical as well as commercial aspects of their business. We ensure optimal performance with our efficient and flexible logistics infrastructure.

Established and reliable
Our vision is clearly reflected in the way we work with our partners. We’re not solely looking to optimize our present business operations and partnerships, it is our main interest to see what we could potentially achieve together in the future.

We serve a wide range of companies across various sectors of the plastics processing industry, spread throughout Europe. Instead of working with a target-driven approach and standard procedures, we focus on sustainable & mutually beneficial partnerships. We strive to deliver tailor-made solutions that serve specific needs and wants of our customers. From urgent deliveries to custom agreements, whatever the challenge we find a solution. This is the foundation of our long-term partnerships, which we are very proud of.

Flexible and independent
TCR Plastics was originally an exporter of plastic raw materials to the Far East, however as the dynamics of the industry changed, we changed with it. In the 1990s our core activities shifted from away from Asia-oriented exports to the pan-European trade and distribution of polyolefins. Thanks to our well-maintained worldwide network and partnerships with key players in the petrochemical industry, we can adapt our solutions to specific customer needs if desired. Through this broad base of experience and expertise we always provide optimal performance.

Our goals lie beyond the standard trade and distribution of plastic raw materials, recycling and sustainability have become areas of major interest to us. We are intrinsically motivated to participate in market developments necessary to leave behind a sustainable legacy for future generations.