ESG report 2023

TCR Plastics proudly presents its very first ESG report, marking the beginning of a transformation in our publishing practices. While we have been active in ESG initiatives for a long time, this year marks a turning point. As a company, we have decided to provide concrete reporting on these efforts to analyze and further improve the impact we have on society and the environment. We believe that ESG will become increasingly tangible, adding value throughout the supply chain.

Our reporting approach is evolving. The focus is no longer solely on reporting financial information but also on non- financial information, aligning with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. This shift recognizes the importance of transparently disclosing our environmental, social, and governance practices alongside financial data. By adopting a comprehensive reporting framework, we aim to provide stakeholders with a holistic view of our sustainability performance and progress.

It’s important to note that our industry is still in the early stages of sustainable reporting. This process will evolve over time, fostering cohesion in international documentation. As we navigate this journey, we anticipate continuous improvement and collaboration within the industry to refine and standardize sustainable reporting practices.

The primary objective of this journey is to develop a sustainability strategy through materiality analysis, identifying specific objectives, actions, and measurable KPIs. To support this, a CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Disclosure) process was initiated, leveraging the expertise of partners such as Green by Blue. An assessment among stakeholders and ourselves led to the identification of overlapping themes, which were validated and materialized by an external auditor. The pillars resulting from this process are described in this report. This not only reflects our commitment to sustainability but also serves as a transparent framework for measuring and reporting ESG progress.

We look forward to working with our stakeholders towards a sustainable future, with this initial reporting step marking the beginning of an ongoing journey towards positive impact.