Who are we


TCR Plastics is a collaborative partnership between a number of businesses who together represent all the activities that make up the plastic raw materials trade.
Because we have joined forces, you can now have access to the full range of raw materials used in the plastics processing industry. Our products are guaranteed of the highest quality and delivered fast from our own stocks to any location in Europe, whenever they are needed.

TCR Plastics
The parent company has been a European player in the distribution of Prime and Non-prime material since 1981 and is established in the Dutch town of Breda. TCR Plastics initially focussed on the export of European plastic raw materials to the Far East. In the 1990s Europe itself started emerging as a potentially lucrative market. Over the past thirty years, TCR Plastics has grown into a strong company and has built close and lasting partnerships all over the world. As one of the top-10 independent distributors in Europe, we can guarantee you continuity, high quality and excellent service.

TCR Logistics
As suppliers consolidated and increased their production capacity, the effective distribution of their products became an increasingly important factor.
The role of the ‘intermediary’ became more and more that of the distributor. TCR Plastics started operating a distribution centre in Geel (Belgium) in 1999 in order to meet these new distribution demands. We now also maintain permanent stocks in Wallhamn (Sweden), Antwerp (Belgium) and Spain so that we can guarantee fast and flexible delivery, anytime, anywhere.

Ovimo Plastics
The importance of recycling is becoming increasingly clearer. Raw materials are becoming more and more expensive, while politicians and businesses are starting to realize that plastic waste can often actually be reused. Plastic recycling is environmentally friendly and profitable too; by giving plastic waste a new life and reusing natural resources the pressure on the environment is decreased. Ovimo Plastics became a subsidiary of TCR Plastics in 2006. This fast-growing company is established in Almelo in the Netherlands and is a flexible and dynamic partner for every part of the plastic recycling process, including purchasing, shredding and sales and distribution of both shredded plastics and regranulates.